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Empire in decline – the last warning

 Slovak version

To begin with, I wish to say that if somebody is critical of American policies or generally of the Western politics, it does not imply that he is anti-American or anti-Semitic. Simply he might be tired of being constantly instilled who is the enemy and then brainwashed by the same media that who was the enemy then is now the ally and vice versa.

The already deceased Vaclav Eminger, survivor of fascist and communist working camps, during his entire life was aptly pointing to the current covert threats.

Silent threat for Australia http://www.szcpv.org/04/odboj.html

Unfortunately, as the recent reality shows, his warnings become more and more apparent. On the one hand, without America we would have hardly got rid of the two most atrocious totalitarian regimes in Europe – fascist and socialist, which left millions of victims. However, historic facts confirm that political controversies of USA must dismay even the hard-line champions of America.

The biggest mistake of Europe was its wicked pact with Stalin endorsing his dictatorship regime, which with evident consent of the allies spread and took control over most of Eastern and Central Europe for many decades.

With the inception of Cold War, running out of steam in its nuclear hegemony, America had to change its political position. Its former allies became its enemies and vice versa.

This is well demonstrated in the former Yugoslavia, which during World War II thanks to the support of USA and allies was able to successfully run a partisan war and despite heavy losses block several German divisions. Furthermore, Josip Broz Tito was able not to yield to Stalin and sustain independence and sovereignty of his country until his death, starkly upsetting former USSR and its satellites. Therefore also a great number of migrants could have fled to the West via former Yugoslavia. During the occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 almost a million of Yugoslav volunteers were ready to help Czechs and Slovaks. However, the former ally of the West and bastion of liberty during the Cold War became a ‘problem country’, in which NATO carried out the biggest military operation since the end of World War II. By blaming Serbian army for the genocide of Muslims, the ultimate goal to divide Yugoslavia and declare independent Kosovo with a Muslim majority could be justified.

The mujahedins who when aided by CIA and Stinger missiles resisted the Soviet occupation army for eight years, were then called warriors for freedom by Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. And now they are considered terrorists and there is another occupation army in Afghanistan today (I wish to note that Bin Ladin was a CIA agent at that time).

The three mentioned faux pas of America and the West in general, analyzing the words of Vaclav Eminger, could not match the cardinal and fatal error – the fact that USA decided to commit a gradual and slow economic suicide by converting the most populated and communist state into the biggest factory of America and eventually of the entire West. Thanks to unforgivably smug and complacent greed of captains of flagship industries and American capital, China, in stark contrast of obstinate Soviet communists, was able to obtain sophisticated technologies from the West absolutely free and without credits of the World Bank.

To claim that communism has fully disappeared is misguided and insincere. Communist China, thanks to its high exports, becomes an economic and gradually also a military superpower which can afford it in contrast to hugely indebted US. The expansion of Chinese automotive industry in South America is only the beginning.

It may be worthwhile to question not only why USA made many of its own citizens redundant, but also why they did not help South America, for instance, where there was similarly cheap labor market there and from the point of eliminating pro-Marxist trends it would have been more productive. The answer is again a reckless calculation – Chinese workforce was cheaper. 

The eight years of Bush governance fully revealed that the American economy as once the economy of the former USSR was actually standing on its last legs. The collapse of WorldCom and Enron, abrupt decline in export, huge capital transfers as well as current mortgage crisis in line with foolhardy financial policies of Bush administration that when started its mandate drastically lowered interest rates and then after 50% depreciation of US dollar sharply increased them, made already hundred thousands of Americans homeless. Moreover, without positive results, G. Bush used tremendous economic resources of taxpayers obsessively fighting against terrorism that was often triggered by the own US behavior.  

Contemporary America is a sick country that needs change. As argued by one of the presidential candidates in the upcoming elections John Edwards: ‘while companies as ExxonMobil make record profits, middle class gets weaker and 200,000 American men and women – war veterans who took pride wearing military uniform – are homeless people now, sleeping under the bridge’. 

The Clinton’s presidential campaign was run under the captive slogan: “It’s the economy, stupid”. In contemporary global economy this applies even more. Only a silly man can believe that a world conflict can result in one-sided victory. When Ronald Regan started his presidency, Gorbatschov understood that the USSR was in trouble to compete with American economy at that time.

Today, on the contrary it is USA which are in economic trouble with an astronomical deficit and 70% depreciation of the currency since the inception of Bush administration. This leads to dented trust towards American dollar and could eventually mean gradual transition of international commerce into other more reliable currencies (Iran already does not sell crude oil in dollars).

China that has its economy based on exports rather than mortgage loans, with its billions of foreign currency reserves now bails out American banks affected by subprime mortgage crisis. 

It is high time to wake up and if the November elections in the US shall not stop the current downfall, we all will be even harder affected according to the most pessimistic forecasts, including Europe.

It is high time to apprehend that there are much bigger threats to the West than Iran, as hinted by G. Bush.

I pray that this is apprehended by our Israeli ‘brothers’ who have strong influence on most of American economy. I pray that they are not the first who would deposit their capital in Chinese and foreign banks, because now we are in the same boat. And as argued by the former presidential candidate and advisor Patrick Buchannan in his book Death of West, ‘without USA, Israel will be a lame duck in the future’. It would be very naïve to think that China, which already attacked its allies twice (in 1968 the former USSR near Ussuri River and in 1979 Vietnam), will be always kind and friendly while defending its own economic interests. Historical experience should caution us, as it is said metaphorically: ‘Moses managed to lead Israelites out of Egypt and Stalin out of Politburo’.

Jozef Paluch – Chicago, 16 January, 2008

hlavna stranka